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Balance Beam Scale

Here you will find supppliers offering top brands of the balance beam scale at prices that will fit every budget.

We have researched the Internet and listed here the suppliers offering the balance beam scale at the best prices.

The balance beam scale is considered to be the most accurate instrument for measuring the weight of a person or an object. It is the number one choice among medical scales in the health care industry.

It is the kind of scale most often found in your physician’s office. For that reason the balance bean scale is sometimes referred to as a doctors scale or physicians scale.


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But it's use is not limited to the doctor's office. This is a very popular type of scale for anyone, even for use in the home, that has a need for very accurate weight measurement.

This type of a health scale comes in a variety of versions. There is the style where a person has to stand on a flat form to use the scale.

There is another version that is smaller and is intended to weigh a baby or infant. There are other versions that have ramps so that a person in a wheel chair can be weighed.

A balance beam scale is considered very accurate because of how it measures the weight of an object. Other types of scales can be off slightly as they may be affected by gravity and even their geographic location.

The balance scale measures weight on one side of the scale against the exact same weight on the other side. This is where the name balance comes from.

A traditional balance scale has two scale pans balanced on a center point or fulcrum. The version we are talking about is slightly different, but measures weight using the same principles. There is a balance scale that is positioned on an off-center beam. The beam utilizes weights that are slid along a calibrated scale. An object or person is put on a platform that off sets these weights or becomes the counter weight. When equilibrium is reached by sliding the weights on the balance beam the weight is measured.

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Tips When Using a Balance Beam Scale

  1. Make sure to zero out the scale by pushing all the weights back to their original starting position before stepping on scale.

  2. Be sure to keep scale clean and free from debris and dust that could affect the weight and measurement.

  3. Because your body weight will vary throughout the day, it is best to weigh yourself (as close as possible) at the same each day.

  4. Try to also wear similar light weight clothing when you are weighed.

  5. Don’t hold on to the scale or a wall when weighing. Holds your arms at your side and stand still to get the best measurement.

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