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Doctor Scale

Here you will find various suppliers that offer many versions of the Doctor Scale at prices that will fit every budget.

A doctor scale is perfect for clinic, health club and gym use, and if extra capacity is needed.

This professional weighing scale is economical, durable and can provide accurate results.

Although it is widely used in clinic and health clubs, it doesn’t mean that you can’t own one for home use.

This doctor scale is worth an investment as most of its versions do not just determine the weight of the user, but also the height.

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Plus, most versions have large eye level platform with balance beam, which provides easy weight reading to the user.

This balance beam scale is intentionally designed for physician use as it is easy-to-use and provides accurate result much faster compared to conventional weighing scale. Latest versions of doctor scale are usually made from electronics.

Digital doctor scales have motion sensors which can hasten the weighing process. Some have multiple and combined functions; in fact, there are versions that include medical devices like stegmometer and body mass index digital calculator. Plus, these versions have remote weight display with keypad. The LCD display is usually installed in the digital weighing scale otherwise it can be mounted in a separate aluminum box connected to the weighing platform.

Some versions have casters which allow the user to move the weighing device from one place to another. Others have “touchless start” feature.

This “touchless start” feature provides convenience as it can determine the precise weight, height and body mass index of the user by just stepping onto the large weighing platform. The results will be displayed on the LCD screen next to it. The data will immediately delete, once the user leaves the platform, getting itself ready for the next weighing in. These models have motion sensors and sometimes have audio, and sometimes provide documented result through something like “receipts”.

In addition, latest versions of doctor scale usually have durable column houses to support the LCD screen. And, most models have adjustable column which can suit any height; just extend the measurement arm by pulling it upward for adult heights or pushing it downward to determine a child’s height.

However, unlike the previous versions mentioned above, some needs to manually input the information to determine the body mass index; just key in the required information by simply hitting the corresponding buttons and you will determine your body mass index.

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Digital weighing scales that designed for physician’s advantage are the perfect weighing instrument for them as they display the patient's weight in just three seconds after they step on the large low profile platform. These are just some of the many features a specific physician scale has.

A doctor scale varies according to size and capacity. The bigger its size, the more capable it can support heavy objects. It also comes with different features and color scheme. But most doctor scales have readable measurements, especially those that are not digital.

Most versions come with both English Standard Unit and metric system. Lastly, other attachments are required as well, like rechargeable batteries and AC adapter.


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