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Wheelchair Scale

Here you will find different versions of wheel chair scale that are offered by different suppliers at best prices.

A wheel chair scale is often required in medical institutions and facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, and clinic. More often, this is used to determine the weight of those patients confined to wheelchairs or geriatric chairs without moving them out from it.

Most wheel chair scales feature different designs and ramp or platform sizes to accommodate wheel chairs of many different sizes.

There are also versions of wheel chair scales that are used as medical stand-on scales for weighing those patients that are not confined to wheelchairs.

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There are versions of wheel chair scale that features versatility and portability. Others have handrail or stand on scale which can also be used in gyms and heath clubs. Some versions are foldable and have casters for easy transportation and mobility. There are versions as well that come with built-in hydraulic assistance. Some have large, low-profile platform to accommodate bariatric wheel chairs.

Most wheel chair scales feature a tare memory function that can store and recall the weights of up to ten different patients confined to wheelchair or geriatric chair. This helps to reducing error prone hand calculations in determining the patient’s weight. Plus, the tare weight of the wheelchair can be keyed in using the numeric keypad. The tare entry can be done before the weighing in begins or after the patient leave the scale.

A wheel chair scale comes with different features, designs, colors and capacity, and is classified according to its functions.   They are very different the conventional doctor's scale, the balance beam scale found in a physician's office.

Some features of the wheel chair scale allow a second weight to be acquired while the patient stays on the ramp or platform, while other versions may look like ski board. Plus, there are versions that have memory recovery features. This means that they can recall the patient’s previous weight and body mass index. Speaking of BMI, body mass index can be calculated by entering the patient’s height using the numeric keypad and hitting the BMI button.

Some portable versions can only accommodate patients with less amount of weight. But there are latest versions that can accommodate heavy weight wheelchairs; however, you have to take some time to install it. Some portable wheel chair scales have carrying case. Portable wheel chair scales are very much beneficial as they are easy to carry even around a health clinic or hospital.

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A wheel chair scale also comes complete with two portable beams and a remote indicator with large LCD display, allowing both the patient and the physician to view the results. Some LCD displays are pre-attached to the weighing device, but there are other models that are separately attached to another box which can be mounted on walls or placed to top table.

These are some of the benefits and features you can get from a wheel chair scale. This cost-efficient weighing scale can be used not only in hospitals, clinic and nursing homes as there are other versions that fit to health clubs and gyms use.


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